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There are two main gravity retaining wall types. Concrete block and Gabion basket. One uses concrete as it’s mass and the other stone filled baskets. Concrete is slightly denser than stone but can be less competitive. The choice depends on the driver between cost and a long life span.

Gabion basket can have a guaranteed life span of up top 100 years depending on the specification of the mesh. Concrete block walls can go far beyond this with a high quality design mix.

The principles of the retaining wall design are exactly the same. The only variable is the mass of the materials being used. We can advise you on specification and cost planning when we understand your project a little more.

Concrete Block Gravity Retaining Walls

Concrete lego blocks are normally cast off site at precast yards and delivered to site. The concrete mix can vary from recycled mixes to C50/C60 for severe environments and long life. The blocks are modular in design. The blocks we manufacture are called Virtabloc and Stackablock. To can get the technical information below.

Gabion Basket Gravity Retaining Walls

Gabion baskets are made from wire mesh. The size of the wire is between 3mm to 5mm. The wire can be made from plain steel coated in zinc and even plastic coated. For a greater life span the wire can be made from 3mm stainless steel. The baskets are assembled on site and filled with rock or stone. Construction of gabion walls on site is about 5 times longer than concrete blocks. This needs to be concidered when selecting either concrete or gabion walls. We can support you in this decision when we understand your project.

The design table below shows examples of the wall heights and block configurations for a number of gravity retaining walls.

Gravity Retaining walls, gravity wall design table


Virtabloc is used for wall heights from 1.8m to 4.8m. The dimensions of this block are 600mm wide x 600mm high x 1800mm, 1200mm and 600mm long. The smaller lengths allow for bonding. The walls are built to a modular of 600mm. For more technical information about the blocks click on the technical information buttons below.

Virtabloc technical information

Stackabloc is used for wall heights from 5.6m to 6.4m. The dimensions of this block are 800mm wide x 800mm high x 1600mm, and 800mm long. The smaller lengths allow for bonding. The walls are built to a modular of 800mm.

Stackabloc technical information

Gabion Baskets can be designed for wall from 500mm to 8m in height. The baskets come in a large range of sizes and wire specifications. To learn more go to our Gabion technical information page.

Gabion technical information

Design Service

The design of a retaining wall requires knowledge of the retaining material, the water table, the ground bearing capacity and any site constraints. The design requires a ground investigation and a structural engineer to ensure the design is fit for purpose.

We offer a full design service from carrying out the ground investigation to final working drawings of the structure. Complete our contact form or call us on 07896 246 224 and we will work with you to construct your project.

Gravity Retaining Wall Design Guide

To lean more about retaining wall design and construction download our guide.Retaining Wall Guide

The guide will give you details on:

  • How retaining walls can fail
  • How to design them so they do not fail
  • Gravity retaining walls
  • Reinforced block retaining walls
  • Inclined retaining walls
  • Reinforced earth retaining walls

Wall Guide Download

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