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L shaped retaining walls

L Shape Retaining Walls

L Shape retaining walls are a cantilever type. They are manufactured using pre-cast concrete and deigned to BS EN 1997-1:2004-Eurocode 7 – Geotechnical design with the UK National Annex and BS EN 1992-1 :2004 – Eurocode 2 – Design of concrete structures with the UK National Annex.

Precast concrete L shape walls are designed to retain material. However, to resist overturning and sliding with a factor of safety of 2 for overturning and 1.5 for sliding the wall units need to be anchored into a plain or reinforced foundations.

We highly recommend a structural engineer designs the wall or we can do it for you with our engineers.

The reinforcement cover is 45mm and a C50/60 concrete is used in the manufacture of the wall units. The walls are suitable for the following exposure conditions. XC3/XC4, XD3, XS3, XF4 as detailed in BS8500-1:2006.

The L shape retaining walls are manufactured from 1m to 6m in height. Go to our technical page for all manufactured sizes>>

L shape retaining walls are an economical solution for many projects. Having said that we can give you a full analysis of the best type of retaining wall from your enquiry.

Contact us and let’s see how we can value engineer your project using the best solution.

Technical Information

For more technical information and all manufactured sizes click on the link below:

L shape retaining wall technical information

Design Service

The design of a retaining wall requires knowledge of the retaining material, the water table, the ground bearing capacity and any site constraints. The design requires a ground investigation and a structural engineer to ensure the design is fit for purpose.

We offer a full design service from carrying out the ground investigation to final working drawings of the structure. Complete our contact form or call us on 07896 246 224 and we will work with you to construct your project.

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We can give you a quotation for the supply and delivery of the blocks only or we can give you a proposal for design, supply and installation. You can request a call back by completing our form on the contact us page or call the number below during normal office hours.

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